Miquel Cleare


Areas of Practice:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Insolvency/Liquidation

From an early age, my proclivity for articulating informed viewpoints hinted at my inherent interest in the field of law, making the decision to become a lawyer an unsurprising choice.

Commencing my tertiary education at the then College of The Bahamas, I obtained an Associates in Law and Criminal Justice with honours in 2017. Subsequently, I pursued the law program at the University of The Bahamas, earning my Bachelor of Laws Degree with honours in 2020. Continuing my legal journey, I enrolled in the Eugene Dupuch Law School, where I distinguished myself as the best-performing Year 1 student in Criminal Practice and Procedure.

In 2022, I successfully passed the Bar and was officially called to the Bar of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas on 4 November, 2022.


As an attorney, my primary goal is to ensure that my clients receive the best representation possible, while maintaining reliability in every aspect of my work.

My current areas of practice include Civil Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Law, as well as Insolvency/Liquidation.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an avid sports enthusiast, particularly passionate about tennis and football. Additionally, I relish spending quality time with my family in my second home in Chicago.