Courtney L. Pearce


Areas of Practice:

  • Appellate Law
  • Commercial & Civil Litigation
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Asset Recovery
  • Trusts
  • Private Client Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Employment
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Insolvency/Liquidation
  • International Maritime & Admiralty
  • Wills, Estate Planning & Probate
  • Judicial Review (Finance & Securities Decisions)

Courtney Pearce is an investigator at heart. The more multi-layered a case may be, the more determined she is to get to the centre of it. In
one instance, peeling back the layers took nine years. She describes the case like ‘a complex chess game with each side trying to outmaneuver
the other and no end to the deviousness of the other side.’ The settlement that followed favoured her client, stunning many who believed she had little chance of succeeding when she took on the case.

That case was a typical win for the atypical lawyer who relishes a challenge. With a specialization in trust disputes and asset recovery, she burrows in and buries herself in the maze of material until she finds the evidence she is searching for. Pearce has a nose for detail and an unyielding desire to wend her way through the history of relationships, looking for that single thread that unravels cover-ups, collusion and deception, tools that make her top of her field in asset recovery, commercial litigation, fraud and trust disputes, “I have a passion for the law and I love the layered complexity of it. It’s a little bit of the thrill of the chase and the more complicated it is, the more interesting I find it.”

Called to the Bar in England and Wales and to The Bahamas Bar in 2006, she specializes in litigation, carrying on a long-standing tradition of trial advocacy at Callenders, one of The Bahamas’ leading litigation firms. She has developed a specialization in Asset Recovery, Corporate and Trust Law.

Pearce received her B. A. in a customized degree with a focus on International Politics and Ethnic Studies from Colgate University in New York. She went on to read law at the University of Buckingham where she graduated with Upper Second Class Honours in 2005. She is a member of Gray’s Inn.