Chad D. Roberts, CLE, JD, BS


Areas of Practice:

  • Real Estate & Development
  • Employment
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Immigration
  • Foreign Direct Investment Counsel
  • Banking & Finance


Despite being one of Callenders’ youngest partners, Chad D. Roberts was named Managing Partner, Nassau, following the death of Colin E. Callender, QC (1941-2015) in December, 2015. Roberts was selected for his strength in balancing business acumen with legal expertise. “While no one will be able to replace Colin Callender, Q.C., I have had the utmost fortune of being able to work with Mr. Callender, and learn from him and his ability to garner respect from all team members all the while managing a 100 year old firm with the firmness that it requires.”

Roberts’ specialty is Real Estate law, a practice that in The Bahamas requires infinite patience and attention to detail. In a system that still largely rejects title insurance as the guarantor of clear title, property law experts like Roberts must cull through myriad transactions tracing registered ownership back at least 30 years. Though records are now available digitally, the work is demanding. Every document must be reviewed and confirmed to have been properly authorized and executed whereas other jurisdictions, including the U.S., only the last transaction must be verified as accurate to ensure clear title.

For his dedication to conveyancing and real estate law, Roberts has been honoured twice by international observers. Corp INTL named him the recommended Bahamas real estate attorney. Global Law Experts honoured him by naming him a leading corporate law expert. While he is honoured to be Managing Partner for Nassau, Roberts said he and other real estate law professionals share a single wish:

“One day,” he says, “we will have a proper property register. Until then, even though much of what we do seems like repetition, what keeps it interesting is that every day there is something new, something different to tackle.”

“As long as we adhere to the principles that have guided us from 1903, Callenders will remain at the forefront of Bahamian jurisprudence.  In everything we do we follow the rule of law, act ethically, pay personal attention to our clients and strive to achieve the best results for our clients.”


Born in Nassau in 1974, Roberts graduated Magna Cum Laude from Taylor University in Indiana, USA where he received his BS in Accounting Systems at age 22. He furthered his studies at Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg, Florida where he obtained his JD in 1998, later earning a Certificate in Legal Education from the Eugene Dupuch Law School in Nassau, Bahamas in 2000. He is a member of both the Bahamas Bar and the Florida Bar.