Judicial Review

Public bodies and regulators are entrusted to make a wide range of decisions that impact the lives of many as these decisions are far-reaching and can have serious commercial, financial and personal consequences. It is therefore vital for those decision makers to act within the scope of the law in all decision-making. Judicial Review is the process whereby an affected individual requests that the court reviews the actions or decisions of a public body or regulator on the grounds that such actions/decisions are contrary to legislative or constitutional mandates.

Due to its depth of experience, the firm also represents a regulator and advises it concerning interpretation of the relevant legislation and protecting itself against spurious judicial review litigation.

Blazing the trail, Callenders is The Bahamas’ leading firm in Judicial Review. We fervently believe that public bodies and regulators, are to be held accountable to make fair and reasonable decisions and observe the rules of natural justice. Known for our notable strengths in this practice area, Callenders offers a comprehensive and incisive service to all our clients seeking redress through these means.

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