The natural beauty of our islands and its natural resources are one of our most prized assets and therefore, legislation has been enacted for its protection.

Callenders provides a blend of decades of trial experience and in-depth knowledge of the environmental laws and regulations. The complexity of the services provided to enforce and apply the various environmental protection legislation, to advise our clients on compliance with the environmental laws and our success in achieving the legal and business goals of our clients, makes Callenders second to none in environmental law practice in The Bahamas. The firm has been overcoming various environmental challenges for more than 30 years and looks forward to many more decades of assisting with environmental protection.

Leading the charge in the protection of our natural resources, the firm offers creative, effective and high qualified advocacy, necessary to assist our clients in this practice area.

Callenders’ in house specialist, its managing partner, is an environmentalist at heart and is at the forefront, in the media and otherwise, advocating for the continued protection of our environment. The firm is tireless in its advocacy and promotion of environmental protection.

Our Attorneys In This Area:

Frederick R.M. Smith, QC
Frederick R.M. Smith, QC

Freeport Managing Partner

Dawson R. Malone
R. Dawson Malone

Nassau Managing Partner

Garth Philippe
Garth Philippe