Arbitration & Mediation

Callenders has long been involved in arbitration and mediation during its 100 plus years of practice. Callenders attorneys have often utilized arbitration and mediation as a part of their litigation strategy as allowed under the Supreme Court Rules and the Arbitration Act 2009 and its predecessor legislation.

Callenders’ attorneys are members of the CIArb, the international Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Our attorneys are active in the organization with one attorney serving as a Board member for the local Bahamas chapter of CIArb and another who has moderated a BFSB panel on arbitration involving arbitrators from Europe and elsewhere.

Currently, The Bahamas is moving towards establishing itself as a viable seat for international commercial arbitration and has a highly trained and skilled body of professional persons including retired judges, engineers, accountants and construction experts who can serve as mediators or arbitrators. The UNCITRAL model will be used in The Bahamas once the seat is established. Callenders attorneys are looking forward to the opportunity to serve their clients using the new seat in The Bahamas, once it is established.

Our Attorneys In This Area:

Frederick R.M. Smith, QC
Frederick R.M. Smith, QC

Freeport Managing Partner

Dawson R. Malone
R. Dawson Malone

Nassau Managing Partner

Syneisha Bootle
Syneisha Bootle